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Reference Articles
The Role of EII in SOA: The perfect marriage - by Tim Matthews
Constructing an Evolutionary Data Architecture - by Srinivas Pandrangi
Straight from the Source: Integrating Enterprise Information from Operational Systems - by Srinivas Pandrangi
Use Enterprise Information Integration To Get Intelligence From Non-Traditional Sources - by Tim Matthews
Five Practical Applications of XQuery - by Tim Matthews and Srinivas Pandrangi
Introduction to XQuery - by Srinivas Pandrangi, Alex Cheng, Dr. Hui Zhang, QiDong Xu and Jim Gan
XQuery: A Flexible Query Language for XML - by Alex Cheng
Evolving ECM With XML Databases - by Chris Parkerson
XML Enabled Applications: Need for Speed - by Srinivas Pandrangi
Advanced Data Management With Web Services - by Dr. Hui Zhang

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