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The Ipedo XML Database is composed of several components and developer interfaces that allow you to quickly and easily build XML-based information management solutions:

Ipedo XML Database

Native XML Storage
  • Hierarchical storage engine highly optimized for XML information
  • Provides both document-level as well as node-level access to XML
  • Allows you to organize XML documents by their schema
  • Provides versioning capabilities that allow you to easily manage documents that are being maintained by multiple authors
  • Provides enterprise-class capabilities including backup/restore, journaling, and bulk loading
Transaction Manager
  • ACID-compliant to insure consistent performance for the most demanding applications
  • Supports both whole-document as well as incremental node-level updates to XML
Cache Manager
  • Advanced memory management technology keeps most often used information in memory for quick, efficient access
  • XML caching is user configurable: move any collection of XML nodes into or out of memory dynamically to tweak performance
Index Manager
  • Index any XML element, attribute, or path
  • In-memory index support improves search performance
  • Automatic index maintenance insures indexes are maintained across updates without requiring a manual index rebuild
Security Manager
  • Manages access to system resources by providing username and password authentication XML Schema Manager
XML Schema Manager
  • Manages the schema for document collections
  • Performs incremental validation when information is updated to maintain conformance
  • Supports schema evolution: documents are mapped into the new schema when changes are made
  • Conformant to the DTD and XML Schema 1.0 specifications
XML Query Manager
  • Supports the XPath and XQuery specifications
  • Supports caching of query plans to improve search performance
  • Easily perform single document as well as cross-document queries
XML Style Engine
  • High-performance, scalable XSLT transformation engine built right into the server
  • Supports the XSLT specification
  • Integrates with the XML Query Manager to allow seamless transformation of query results
Web Services Interface
  • Built-in SOAP server
  • Access the database as a web service from any web services-compliant client
  • Supports both J2EE-based and Microsoft .NET-based web services platforms
Java Interface
  • 100% Pure Java API
  • EJB interface allows for quick deployment in J2EE-compliant application servers
  • Reduced footprint embedded server mode allows the entire server to be utilized in any Java application
Microsoft .NET Interface
  • Native .NET assembly class library
  • Full access from any .NET-compatible language
  • Standard Microsoft .NET XML classes to process XML data and query results
Administrative Tools
  • Ipedo Administrator Java-based graphical console allows for visual, user-friendly management of deployed servers
  • Ipedo Commander provides a scriptable, command-based interface to easily support remote installations
System Requirements
  • IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux, Windows NT, 2000, or XP
  • 128 MB RAM minimum
  • 50 MB disk space minimum
  • Java(tm) 2 SDK 1.3.1 or higher


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