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Ipedo XIP – Integration through Data Virtualization

Ipedo XIP is a powerful data virtualization platform that allows organizations to aggregate and present information from disparate sources into their business intelligence, enterprise reporting, corporate portal, or service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications. By moving the familiar view concept outside of an individual database, Ipedo XIP's Virtual Views allow applications to provide users with the information that they want on-demand, to enable "real-time" business decisions.

With its dual SQL and XQuery engines, Ipedo XIP is the only data virtualization server built from the ground up to emulate today's database architectures. Ipedo's patented Dual Core Query Architecture gives Ipedo XIP optimal query performance, integrated rules processing, and efficient multi-publish capabilities. With Ipedo, distributed data and metadata can be integrated, managed and enriched into a data services layer that delivers customized, intelligent views of information to people and applications across the enterprise.

Ipedo XIP seamlessly fits into IT environments to enable global infrastructure projects such as master data management (MDM) or migration to service-oriented architectures (SOA). It integrates and manages a wide range of enterprise information, such as relational databases, Web Services, packaged applications, documents, files, and message queues. To maximize performance, Ipedo uses cost-based query optimization, intelligent caching, and compound aggregate indexing. As a result, Ipedo XIP delivers the greatest flexibility and highest developer productivity available on the market.
Ipedo XIP
Business Benefits
  • Improves ROI on existing information sources and systems
  • Integrates internal and external information, such as multiple databases and Web Services, to enable real-time operational business decisions
  • Consolidates master data across the enterprise and provides customized views to applications that need it
  • Extracts only relevant information, when needed, using a query-based approach
  • Enables higher developer productivity by allowing them to focus on higher value tasks
  • Reduces the cost of change with an extensible infrastructure
Technical Benefits
  • Feeds existing business intelligence and reporting tools with information from across the enterprise
  • Speeds deployment of new applications or Web Services that rely on disparate and complex data
  • Enables migration to SOA by making integrated information available as a Web Service
  • Delivers high performance using advanced query optimization and caching
  • Allows users to perform traditional SQL operations such as 'join' and 'group by' on Web Services and combine with relational data sources
  • Adds intelligence to static or streaming data using rules processing and patented indexing techniques
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Ipedo XML Database for embedded applications

Ipedo's XML Database (XMLDB) is a high-performance, enterprise-class, standards-based, embeddable XML database. Its small footprint and efficient design make it the ideal platform for embedding into packaged or hosted applications.

  • Speed the time to develop database-driven applications
  • Reduce the cost of software development, quality assurance and maintenance
  • Focus your scarce technical resources on your area of expertise
  • Decrease the risk of cost overruns and schedule slippage
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